Best Online Trading Tools

Last updated: 20240318

How can trading tools help to improve my trading?

The term ‘trading tools’ covers a wide variety of applications / utilities / programs with the purpose of assisting you make, and implement, more informed trading and investment decisions.

Remember, trading is an odds based endeavour and therefore we must look to only take trades when they match the criteria of your own documented, back tested trading plan which shows a positive expectancy over a large sample of trades. Using carefully selected quality trading tools which complement our trading style, highlight areas of greater significance for potential moves, and facilitate fast, easy execution of trades can certainly help to improve your trading results.

We look to enter where the outcome is unknown BUT the odds are in our favour” — Davin Clarke

Trading tools include:

Key benefits of the trading tools listed above can include, but not limited to:

  • Training from leading full-time traders
  • Sourcing actionable trading opportunities with higher probability market movements
  • Uncover opportunities even when you can’t monitor the market every minute by setting up trading alerts that can be sent direct to your email inbox
  • Benefit from an expert perspective
  • Assist in defining and testing your trading edge
  • Incorporate powerful technical indicators into your own strategies
  • Facilitate fast, easy execution of trades
  • Access leading-edge trading tools designed & used by full-time traders


Global Trading Tools aims to not only bring you leading-edge trading tools developed and used by full-time traders, but to equip you with the experience and confidence required to succeed in this challenging industry… we want to create traders for the REAL world!