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Global Trading Tools aims to not only bring you leading-edge trading tools developed and used by full-time traders, but to equip you with the experience and confidence required to succeed in this challenging industry.
Smart Trading

How online trading tools can improve trading performance?

The term ‘trading tools’ covers a wide variety of applications / utilities / programs with the purpose of assisting you make, and implement, more informed trading and investment decisions.

Remember, trading is an odds-based endeavour, and therefore, we must look only to take trades when they match the criteria of your own documented, back-tested trading plan, which shows a positive expectancy over a large sample of trades.

Using carefully selected quality trading tools that complement our trading style, highlight areas of greater significance for potential moves, and facilitate fast, easy execution of trades can certainly help to improve your trading results.

What we offer

Unleash your trading with smart choices

Technical Indicators

Technical analysis software for all markets, including Stock market trading to Contract for difference (CFD), Index, Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) and Cryptocurrency trading.

Trading Software

Trading tools with REAL practical application in a live trading environment. Suitable for both traders (from swing or day traders) to master copy traders and long-term investors.

Trader Education

Learn how to trade from leading professional traders. These trading courses are selected as they have practical application and teach “how to trade”, not just technical analysis.

Trading & Investment Blog

Articles on a wide variety of trading and investment topics.
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Reviews of a variety of trading tools including Trading platforms, software, brokers and the Trading Journal Spreadsheet (TJS).

Trading Guides

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Why Choose Us

Knowledge is the key to making informed investment decisions.

It is generally accepted that 70 to 90% of traders lose money over the long term (determining the exact number is nearly impossible; however, this is a generally accepted ballpark figure).

To succeed, you must, therefore, think differently from the “crowd”!


Davin and Stuart have over 40 years of combined trading experience. You don't have to "reinvent the wheel" to become a successful trader.

Real Traders

Only real traders (those who risk their own capital in the markets) understand the industry's needs and challenges.

Premium Trading Tools

There are no gimmicky trading tools here, just a quality selection of tools with real-world applications.

Trading Psychology

Understand this crucial component to avoid making decisions based on emotions or biases.

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