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Last updated: 20240318

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Ronald J. (USA)

RE: Moving Average Crossover Indicator for NinjaTrader.

Your product looks outstanding!

Jim C. (USA)

I just updated to the latest version [Ultimate Moving Average Indicator] with the "background color change" (per my request LOL) and added to one of my charts... all I can say is LOVE IT... LOVE IT.... LOVE IT.

Thank you and your programmers for all the hard work

Anne-Marie S, Adelaide

The GTT video library is a fantastic resource and great value for money. There are so many videos and they are really in depth so you really get a great feel for the subject matter. The video reviews of students’ trades are very useful and consolidate the learnings from the other videos. Also Stuart is extremely helpful and professional to deal with. I highly recommend the video library.

John Saraga, USA

Hello Stuart
I purchased this great indicator [Ultimate Moving Average Cross Alert indicator for NinjaTrader], and I just want to say thank you. This is a really good indicator.

Andrew K.

Thanks very helpful great product.
Appreciate your help
(RE: Easy Load ASX)

Mark M. (Australia)

There is no doubt you and Davin are the real deal and very open and honest with everything, so much appreciated!!

Robert H., Australia

The video library is awesome mate… so many good videos on there!

John K., Canada

Thanks for answering all my questions, and your Easy Load TSX product is awesome. Just what I needed!

Pablo C.

… and I must say your product, Easy Load NSE is awesome.
I’ve been waiting to use Ninja Trader for a long time and it is now possible.
Really glad!!!

toto10 (NinjaTrader Forum)

I needed the listing/codes of all the US equity markets and after much review purchased his Easy Load USA. It is a great product at a fair price.
His website had many testimonials of his support. I have to agree, he is on top of it... If you want to access the power of NT across all instruments... you need those instrument definitions in your instrument manager and that is exactly what Easy Load does.
Well done Stuart.
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Scott P., Range Research Group (United States)

Love the Moving Average Cross and alerts are great.
I'm using it and I am going to suggest it to our group.
I like your work as it is clean and has needed parameters.

Gordon W., United States

You are awesome. Thank you.

Gordon K., Australia

RE: Easy Load ASX... Thanks for the follow up Stuart. Compliments on your product.
It was very handy and made my job so much easier 🙂

Martin Hunting

I purchased GTT 'Easy Load' ASX from Stuart a couple of months ago and I had to reload the software twice as I purchased a new computer and then it crashed!
Stuart's assistance each time was prompt and the software is very easy to manage. I have had no problems with the symbols that was downloaded, works very well with NinjaTrader. Moreover Stuarts videos are an excellent introduction to NinjaTrader. Great service Stuart!

Ivan B., Australia

Man - that is great support ... thank you Stuart - many traders are in the position I am in ... I am certain that if you give this kind of REAL help, your business can not help but prosper.
Thank you heaps

Matt Cave (via Twitter) @MatthewCave

For anyone that wants to use NinjaTrader to chart ASX shares, I highly recommend using the Easy Load ASX installer by Global Trading Tools.

Lance B, Queensland

Re: Easy Load ASX installer for NinjaTrader
The process was nice and simple. My backup Ninja now has ASX stocks loading through Yahoo.

Mark M.

I have said in the past your subscription fees represent excellent value and the monthly fee for the Traders Boardroom plus TMR Indicator Bundle is a price I would pay just to get access to the wealth of knowledge you and Davin provide in the video library alone.

Don K., Queensland

I always get lots from your presentations. What you show us, saves a massive amount of time in trial and error, so is very helpful.

KR, New Zealand

I really value how you and Davin keep reiterating the basics....stick to the setups, trade when the structure is in your favour but the outcome is unknown, trade the edges, to keep the risk tight and hence achieve good risk to reward. this keeps me focussed on the basics which I must repeat day after day.

Sami M, Queensland

I couldn't have gotten to this point without all your help, guidance and teaching both outside and inside the boardroom. You've cut my learning curve down by years and significantly reduced the chance of me blowing up my account!!
Thanks so much for everything.


All in all its been great so far and I am learning a for yourself is a very different ball game to trading for a major bank, and being able to learn the business from honest experienced and friendly guys is really valuable.

Sami M, Australia

the info you guys are providing is invaluable!

Adam F., Victoria

the topic on congestion to expansion... that’s been GOLD.

Ant B., United Kingdom

Just want to thank you for your continued support and advice. I appreciate it.


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