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Last updated: 20240318

Global Trading Tools aims to not only bring you leading-edge trading tools developed and used by full-time traders, but to equip you with the experience and confidence required to succeed in this challenging industry…. we want to create traders for the REAL world!

The importance of this statement may not be immediately obvious, however I’m sure many of you have:

  • seen exorbitant claims of the many “get rich quick schemes”;
  • claims of masses of points per year using a particular “black box” system;
  • comments like “make x percent return with only 10 minutes effort per day“;
  • or the constant barrage of selling the “lifestyle” of successful traders (images of yachts, islands, trading by the resort pool, etc).

This is NOT how the real world works!

While the rewards for successful traders can certainly be what many dream of, like any profitable business which stands the test of time, you must build your business from a solid foundation. You need to understand the different aspects of your business and the industry you’re operating in, and through review and learning, strive to continually improve and find efficiencies for the business.
Operating as a consistently profitable trader over the long-term is no different!

The fact is the world’s markets are worth trillions of dollars. They behave in complex and sophisticated manners. They’re dominated by the world’s richest and most ruthless merchant banks and proprietary trading firms.
Anyone making serious money in them is NOT doing it from some 15 minute a day formula. They’re experienced traders who know how to spot what the market’s doing and react.

Global Trading Tools provides leading-edge, proven tools to make you not just a better trader, but a confident, consistent, educated trader who understands every aspect of your “trading business” and operates like the true professional you want to be.

All of our products and services must meet the following objectives:

  • Be tried and tested by professional traders in a live trading environment
  • Support your trading decisions
  • Enhance your trading results
  • Have practical application in a live trading market
  • Be readily applied by our clients

Global Trading Tools is proud to offer a complete range of quality trading education, support & mentoring, propriety software add-ons, essential trading products and access to many of the tightest spreads in Australasia on popular trading instruments for traders of all levels of experience.
We focus on providing you ‘real’ trading skills and leading-edge tools, that have proven, real time practical application in the markets

In essence, we aim to create traders for the REAL world!

For anyone that wants to use NinjaTrader to chart ASX shares, I highly recommend using the Easy Load ASX installer by Global Trading Tools.

~ Matt Cave (via Twitter) @MatthewCave

Man – that is great support … thank you Stuart – many traders are in the position I am in.
I am certain that if you give this kind of REAL help, your business can not help but prosper.
Thank you heaps

~ Ivan B, Queensland

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Risk Disclosure:
Futures and forex trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor
could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be
lost without jeopardising ones’ financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used
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