Candlestick Charts Made Simple

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Bar chart vs Candlestick chart

Although bar and candlestick charts both display the same information (high, low, open, and close for a specified period), with bar charts the information may not always be immediately obvious at first glance. For example, did the bar close higher or lower than where it opened. With candlesticks this is obvious at first glance, without having to look closely at the little dashes on a bar chart to know this.

Candlesticks made simple

Candlestick charts highlight much more visually, the area between the open and close price, than on a bar chart. For many this can help quickly assess the prevailing market forces and help your mind quickly priortise things.

If you are interested to learn more about candlestick charts, we would like to offer you a complimentary copy of our “Candlesticks Made Simple” presentation.

This material will provide you with the fundamental knowledge necessary to help you begin using candlesticks in your trading.
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An example from Global Trading Tools “Candlesticks Made Simple” presentation
(download link above):
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