‘Easy Load ASX’ add-on for NinjaTrader
(Australian Securities Exchange)

Last updated: 20231026

NinjaTrader ASX AustraliaYou won’t believe how easy it is to now view ALL of your favourite ASX shares & indices in NinjaTrader !

Managing your Australian Securities Exchange portfolio is easier than ever before…[frame type=”lifted” align=”none” title=”View all ASX shares in NinjaTrader with ease !”][/frame]

View over 2,200 Australian shares & indices with ease!

NinjaTrader 7 is an award winning, free-to-use charting platform used by traders worldwide. NinjaTrader comes pre-configured with some trading instruments such as currencies, top 500 US stocks and common international futures, however does not have any configuration, stock codes, symbol mapping or instrument lists for the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) equities, indices and supported ASX data providers.
Our Easy Load ASX equities add-on/installer fills this gap, making it possible for traders to now easily view ASX equity and index charts with the award winning and free to use NinjaTrader 7 application.

The combination of NinjaTrader 7 and the Easy Load ASX installer provides an extremely cost effective way to chart your Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) share portfolio and manage your investment decisions.

Easy Load ASX equities for NinjaTrader | BUY NOW

NinjaTrader with the “Easy Load” ASX add-on will suit Investors and SMSF who want to chart their investments, Technical Analysts (there are over 100 technical indicators available), self-directed Traders and anyone that wants a great value trading platform and an extremely cost effective way to manage your investment decisions.

Just 3 easy steps …

  1. Download NinjaTrader’s free to use charting platform;
  2. Run the “Easy Load” ASX equities installer; and
  3. Connect seamlessly with ANY of the supported data providers
    (including: FREE Yahoo ASX datafeed, Interactive Brokers, eSignal, & barchart.com)

It’s that easy, plus you’ll also receive 4 instructional videos to get you started

[simpletabs style=”1″] [simpletab title=”Screen Shots”] [/simpletab] [simpletab title=”System Requirements”] NinjaTrader 7Easy Load ASX installer is an add-on to the NinjaTrader 7 charting platform, so any system which can run NinjaTrader 7 can also run the Easy Load ASX installer.
For more information on NinjaTrader requirements, see: http://ninjatrader.com/InstallationGuide [/simpletab] [simpletab title=”Licensing and Terms”] 1) All customers receive a perpetual license and free access to 1 year (from purchase date) of support and software updates, including future enhancements. Your license allows use on TWO computers you own (eg your desktop PC and a laptop). If you require installation on more than 2 computers, additional computer licenses can be purchased for a significant discount with the initial purchase.

2) The perpetual license is for your ongoing use of the software and there is no more to pay if you do not wish to receive any future software updates/releases after the first year.
All customers receive free access to 1 year of support and software updates, including future enhancements, however after 1 year, future updates & enhancements will be available at a discounted rate of 35% of the listed price, for an additional 1 year of support and software updates, including future enhancements, should you wish to take up this option.

3) PLEASE NOTE: By clicking “I agree to the Terms & Conditions” when purchasing the product, downloading, accessing, installing, running, or using the Global Trading Tools (GTT) installer you are indicating your acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in the Disclaimer and End User License Agreement (EULA) located at www.globaltradingtools.com/policies/ [/simpletab][/simpletabs]

Easy Load ASX equities for NinjaTrader | BUY NOW

‘Easy Load ASX’ Feature Comparison (Click to enlarge)
‘Easy Load’ ASX for NinjaTrader TECHNICAL SPECS include:
[list icon=”tick”]
  • [tooltip position=”bottom” color=”light-blue” delay=”0″ tooltiptext=”All Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) stock symbols, and 18 indices, included (over 2,200 symbols in total)” tooltiphead=”View over 2,200 Australian stocks with ease!”]Easy Load ASX for NinjaTrader - View over 2,200 stocks with ease[/tooltip]
  • ASX stock symbols fully configured in the correct format with NO action required by the user to pre-format code lists before installing
  • ASX symbols automatically installed with all key fields, including stock name, pre-populated
  • Pre-configured ASX session template included and installed automatically
  • ASX symbols automatically installed to work with four (4) major ASX data suppliers:
    • eSignal
    • Yahoo Free End of Day
    • Interactive Brokers
    • Barchart.com
    • NO need to manually update individual data supplier mapping codes anymore!
  • 4 new instrument lists, “ASX 50”, “ASX 200”, “ASX-Indices” and “ASX ALL”
  • 12 new Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS industry sector) indices
  • Packaged in a fast, easy to use, one-step installer
  • NO IT skills or effort required by the user to source NinjaTrader Australia ASX codes, ensure they are in correct formats, & manually update the codes to connect to your data supplier.
    The Easy Load ASX installer does all this for you automatically!
  • Bonus Market Analyzer and Chart templates included
  • [/list] From the above feature list, I’m sure you can see why we believe ‘Easy Load ASX’ installer is the ONLY quick, easy & effective way to install ASX stocks into NinjaTrader.
    Special Price
    ONLY (US) $39.00

    BONUS: 4 NinjaTrader instructional videos to get you started.
    Easy Load ASX equities for NinjaTrader | BUY NOW

    For anyone that wants to use NinjaTrader to chart ASX shares, I highly recommend using the Easy Load ASX installer by Global Trading Tools.

    ~ Matt Cave (via Twitter) @MatthewCave

    … Stuart’s assistance each time was prompt and the software is very easy to manage. I have had no problems with the symbols that was downloaded, works very well with NinjaTrader. Moreover Stuarts videos are an excellent introduction to NinjaTrader. Great service Stuart!

    ~ Martin Hunting

    [colorbox title=”Purchase ‘Easy Load ASX’ Australia for NinjaTrader (USD)” color=”#2d5caa”]

    UPDATE: 20th May 2017
    We regret to inform the Easy Load ASX equities installer for NinjaTrader is not currently available for purchase. Yahoo Finance (one of the third-party data providers) is currently making a backed change to the Yahoo API, which NinjaTrader will need to assess the impact and release an update to accommodate this change. At present anyone using NinjaTrader is unable to access data via the free Yahoo data feed and developments can be tracked via the NinjaTrader Support Forum. This ONLY affects the free Yahoo Finance ASX data feed, however as this is the only provider of free ASX data we made the decision to remove this product from sale and discontinue it.

    Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
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